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Ordinance 325 Requiring Installation Of Concrete Sidewalks
Ordinance 390 Approval Of The Cross Creek Short Plat
Ordinance 391 Approving The Cross Creek Variance To Allow Sidewalks On Easterly Side Of Road
Ordinance 427 Approval Of the Cross Creek Short Plat Subject To Conditions
Ordinance 280 "McGehee Property" legally is hereby annexed to the Town of South Prairie
Ordinance 284 Maximum Allowable Excise Tax Rate
Resolution 2017-01  Adopting or Modifying the Town Planner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommendations for the Robbins Application for Setback, Non-Conforming Structures and Sidewalk Variances.
Ordinance 557-2017 Adoption of the Washington State Building Codes, Adopting by reference the 2015 Editions of the International Building Codes, ICC/ANSI A 117.1- 2009 Edition, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, International Gas Code, International Fire Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, International Energy Conservation Code, International Property Maintenance Code, International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, together with the Amendments adopted by the State and certain Appendices, Repealing Chapters 15.84 and 15.86 of the South Prairie Municipal Code, adding a new Chapter 15.80, adding an effective Date.

Resolution 2017-04 and

Exhibit 1 - Staff Report

An Resolution of the Town of South Prairie, Pierce County adopting or modifying the Town Planner's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommendations for the Doty Application for Setback and Sidewalk Variances.
Resolution 289 Granting the Variance of Claude Thomas

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