Whereas, a selected committee consisting of members of Fire Protection District #20, the Town of South Prairie and interested citizens specifically, Jeff Engel, Chairman; Layne Ross, Dave Lykstad, Doug Hinkle, Karen Leming, Rick Budden and Cindi Bright, all volunteered to prepare a disaster plan for the Town, and


Whereas, the disaster plan was reviewed by the Town in open and regular session in its Town Council meeting of September 5, 1995, and

Whereas, it is in the best interest of the City to have a disaster plan for emergency purposes and evacuation to benefit the public health, safety and welfare of the Town, and


Whereas, the disaster plan does not have an adverse environmental affect.


Now, therefore, the Town Council of the Town of South Prairie, Pierce County, Washington do ordain as follows:


Section 1: The emergency plan/evacuation of the Town of South Prairie dated July 20, 1995, attached and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit "1" is hereby established as the disaster plan of the Town of South Prairie.


Section 2: A copy of the above attached plan shall be with the Town Clerk and the Fire Chief of Fire Protection District #20 and made available for public inspection at any time during normal business hours.

Section 3: If any provision of this ordinance is determined to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and affect.

Section 4: This ordinance shall take affect and be in force five (5) days from and after its passage, approval and publication as required by law.


Mayor Dale P. Stubbs INTRODUCED:






Cindi Bright

Town Clerk/Treasurer


Town of South Prairie


To provide guidance for the evacuation of the town of South Prairie for the following events:

1.            Flooding from rivers and streams

2.            Hazardous Materials Incidents resulting from fuel spills, unknown material spills or releases.

3.            Volcanic activity from Mount Rainier.

4.            Other situations that may require the movement of citizens to a safe location.

It is the policy of the Town of South Prairie that no guarantee is implied by this plan of a perfect response system. As the Town of South Prairie assets and systems may be overwhelmed, the Town of South Prairie can only endeavor to make reasonable effort to respond based on the situation, and information and resources available at the time.


When an emergency has been declared by the Mayor or his/her designate, it is the policy of the Town of South Prairie that an evacuation may be requested by the following, depending upon the circumstances:


1.            Mayor

2.            Fire Chief or designated Officer

3.            Designated Hazardous Materials Incident Commander of the Washington State Patrol.

Text Box: 07/20/95EVACUATION.


1.            Should the Town of South Prairie be notified or discover that there has been a levee failure or that a failure is imminent and that citizens along the rivers may experience flooding, the South Prairie Fire Department will attempt to disseminate that information to residents in the identified areas. Residents may be advised to evacuate. This notification may be door to door or via the public address system within the Fire vehicles or other means available to the onscene command agency.

2.            Citizens are advised to have ample supplies (food, water, clothing, prescriptions, flashlights, etc) for up to 72 hours. Citizens should have a plan for their animals (cows, horses, goats, etc) in the event pasture land is flooded. The Town of South Prairie cannot provide facilities or space for pets (dogs, cats, etc). Citizens should develop a plan for their pets.

3.            In the event of major flooding, citizens should be ready to move quickly and without hesitation. There may not be anything to come back to. Citizens who do not have means of transportation or require special transportation needs, should make arrangements for transportation with family members, friends, or neighbors.

4.            Evacuation centers. (See attachment No. 1)

5.            In the event that evacuation centers are affected by flooding,, the Town of South Prairie would request assistance from Pierce County Department of Emergency Management to establish evacuation centers within the County.



1.            If a Hazardous-Materials Incident should occur within the Town of South Prairie limits, the Washington-State Patrol will be the incident command agency.

2.            The South Prairie Fire Department is trained to recognize and identify Hazardous Materials Incidents. Should this type of incident occur, the Fire Department will initiate an evacuation of the impacted area.

3.            Due to the nature of Hazardous Materials Incidents, the evacuation routes and centers will be designated by the South Prairie Fire Department. (See attachment No. 1 for evacuation center locations).

4.            Residents who do not have transportation or require special transportation needs to reach the evacuation centers, should contact neighbors and friends to provide the necessary transportation needs. Arrangements for transportation should be preplanned.

5.            Residents that have animals or pets which could be affected by this type of incident should have a plan to relocate them.

Text Box: 07/20/95EVACUATION


1.              In the event of volcanic activity that would impact the South Prairie area, the important thing to remember is to get to higher ground! Everyone must leave the valley and get at least 25 feet above the valley floor (Highway 162). To climb on top of a house or shed will not be adequate. The mud or debris flow has the potential to remove all structures in its path. Citizens should be ready to move quickly and without hesitation. The time frame for evacuation may be less than one hour. Citizens must preplan what they will take with them, for there may not be anything to come back to.

2.              Citizens who do not have transportation or require special transportation needs should make arrangements with family, friends, or neighbors to provide the necessary transportation. Remember, this event could happen very quickly and citizens are advised to prepare a plan for transportation requirements. The South Prairie Fire Department does not have the resources to provide transportation assistance.

3.              The South Prairie Fire Department has been designated as the lead agency to notify citizens of the Town of South Prairie that an evacuation has been declared. This notification may be via the public address system in the Fire vehicles. Citizens will be informed of the declaration to evacuate and which route to travel to leave the valley.

4.              We encourage citizens to make arrangements for shelter and/or temporary housing in the event of a volcanic episode that would effect the Town of South Prairie. Citizens may not be able to return for a long period of time. Roads may be washed out or covered with debris. Mud and debris may vary in depths, so that property may be lost. Officials may have to declare the area as unsafe or unstable at this time and not allow citizens to come back.





A. Fire Department

Provide fire suppression and emergency medical services.

2. Assist in emergency notification operations.

3. Assist in the evacuation of residents in the event of minor flooding (if personnel are available.

4. Conduct light duty rescue operations and limited rescue operations on off-road situations.

5. Provide initial response to and size-up of Hazardous Materials Incidents and coordinate with proper outside authorities for assistance if necessary.

6. Provideemergency response such as sandbagging, evacuation, and limited property protection to private and public (if personnel are available).

7. Provide emergency traffic control (if personnel are available)


B. Mayor

1.            Provides overall coordination.

2.            Proclaims a State of Emergency when necessary.

3.            Declares the Town of South Prairie a disaster area and requests State and Federal assistance.


C. Town Council

1.            Appropriates funds to meet emergency needs.

2.            Remain available to make decisions and provide continuity of operations.

D.                 Town Clerk

1.            Prepares Proclamation of Emergency and requests for State and Federal assistance.

2.            Text Box: 07/20/95	5Provides for the identification and preservation of essential records.

3.            Assists with compilation of disaster relate financial information.

4.            Coordinates emergency and disaster related purchases and expenditures.

5.            Assists in tracking resources used in the emergency or disaster.

Text Box: 07/20/95E. Public Works/Utilities


1. Provides debris clearance, emergency protective measures, emergency and temporary repairs, and/or

c o n s t r u c t i o n T o w n l a n d s, r o a d s, a n d f a c i l i t i e s .

2. Assist in Town flood fighting operations.

3.            Provides damage assessments and inspections of Town buildings, roads, bridges, and facilities for public safety concerns.

4.                              Provides for emergency restoration of Town facilities.

5.                              Provides for damage assessment for Town' sewer facility.

6.                              Provides for restoration of Town sewer facility.

7.                              Provides technical advice and limited resources for

emergency sewage disposal.

8.                              Provides for identification and preservation of essential Public Works and Utilities Department records.

9.                              Provides damage assessment for Town water system.

10.            Provides for emergency restoration of Town water system.

11.                              Provides technical advice and limited resources for

providing water to the Town of South Prairie.

12.                              Coordinates the damage assessment for transportation

routes in South Prairie.

13.                              Provides traffic control signs and barricades for road closures and detours.

14.       Provides inspection and declaration of unsafe buildings.


1. Local Evacuation Centers.

2. Evacuation Map.

3. Notifications.

Attachment 1


1.            Evangel Temple Assembly of God, Hwy 162 897-8161

2.            South Prairie Community Center, 354 Hwy 162 E, 897-9202

Attachment 2




It is our sincerest hope that you will never have to use this map,but incase you ever should, we recommend that you prepare now by studying the map, by studying the routes you will take, by travelling the routes to familiarize yourself with the area and by perfecting a home plan for survival. We recommend you-contact a relative or friend that lives out of the area (preferably in-another state) who will be your contact person to tell of your situation. Tell all your: relatives and friends to contact this person!


Text Box: 07/20/95Attachment 3




If needed, the Town of South Prairie will notify the following agencies in the event of a disaster.

1.              Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (206) 591-7470 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room B-36, Tacoma, WA 98402-2102


2.                         Washington State Patrol 911 or business (206) 439-3834


3.                         American Red Cross (206) 572-4830


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